At Sunshine Coast Property Rentals we focus 100% on managing YOUR property!

We want to manage YOUR property, so you don’t have to worry.

Imagine a life where we take the stress from your property investing!

Sunshine Coast Property Rentals is the Sunshine Coast’s largest specialist property managers, with a team comprising over 125 years experience. We look after everyday items for you.

This means:

  1. You don’t have to worry about whether the tenant has paid the rent.
  2. Your don’t have to worry about how your tenant is treating your property.
  3. You don’t have worry about what happens when the tenants lease expires, as we keep you informed 2-3 months from your lease ending.
  4. You really don’t have to worry about ANYTHING.

This is what our team do for you.

We specialise only in property management and unlike traditionally real estate agencies we don’t sell property, in fact property management is our only focus. And because of this clear, 100% focus, our team are simply amazing property managers.

As our team focus 100% on property management, we make sure your investment property is always closely monitored so that tenants are paying rent on time and maintaining the property. Unfortunately not all investors receives the same level of service as a Sunshine Coast Property Rentals client receives.

At Sunshine Coast Property Rentals, we have TWO property managers (two sets of eyes) completing every Entry condition report (every other company only has one) and they spend on average 3 hours at your property. We capture between 1500-1800 photos (for an average 3/4 bedroom house).

Most competitors don’t even take 300-400 photos.

Our comprehensive report for you assists immensely with minimising any future tenant dispute when they vacate the property.

As we are a specialist Sunshine Coast property management company, you can be assured we dedicate more time when we perform our condition reports as we value the benefit that these reports have for our clients. This is yet another way how we offer added protection to your investment property.

With over 125 years experience in the real estate industry and with our experience at completing over 4000 exit condition reports, we have found that not all property managers do what our team do as standard.

As a property investor you demand the best property management service with constant communication and to have your phone calls answered.

You want the best tradespeople to carry out their property maintenance and at a fair and reasonable price.

You want to have the best qualified tenants renting your property.

Our team get what you want.

Now you can have the best Sunshine Coast Property Management company who focus 100% managing your property?

A specialist company that focuses 100% on being the very best property manager for YOU is always going to outperform the traditional real estate company that focuses on selling property.

And the best thing is, we don’t charge you any extra fees for this dedicated service.

Why would you put your valuable investment in the hands of a company that doesn’t specialise in property management? The answer is you shouldn’t.

When you engage Sunshine Coast Property Rentals to manage your investment property, you will immediately realise that you are dealing with a professional property management company allowing you to take a back seat and relax knowing that with our 125+ years experience and dedication that our professional management team possess, your property is in extremely safe hands.

After all, you have the choice to choose who manages your investment property so why not choose the very best Sunshine Coast property management company


  • 100% Focused on Property Management

    At Sunshine Coast Property Rentals we are specialists in the field of property management with 100% focus on your investment property. We don’t sell property like the traditional real estate agency and we do not treat property management as a sideline business.

    Property management is our ONLY business.

    Our experienced property managers are rewarded to align their interests with your own. They receive for minimising vacancies, maximising rental return and for sourcing only the highest quality tenants. Which all means, we actually pay them extra to keep you, our important client – happy!

    That is what makes our property managers so different.

    Our clients have a dedicated property manager who is responsible for every aspect. The added convenience of this personalised service means your questions get answered on the business day you call, every maintenance issue is attended to with you being kept informed every step of the way and your tenants rent is paid on time.

    Our people, experience and commitment to excellence ensure your investment property is managed to the highest possible standard and that’s Guaranteed!

  • 3 Months Management Fees Reduced

    We understand that many property investors believe that changing property managers can be frustrating and timely, however at Sunshine Coast Property Rentals we make sure it is hassle and worry free.

    We are that confident that you will be impressed by how we operate, communicate with you and look after your investment property, that we will organise the paperwork that needs to be signed and then manage your investment property at a reduced rate for the first 3 months.

    When the 3 month period is over, it’s business as usual and you will continue to receive exceptional service. But don’t take our word for it, take the time to read the following pages of information to find out more about the service and commitment we deliver to each of our clients and then call us today to start your reduced 3 month trial.

    And once we are looking after your property, get ready for a worry free investment!

  • Web Based Client Management System

    We have asked what investors want and have found out that they want access to their property information quickly and easily, so we have invested in the latest smart technology allowing every Sunshine Coast Property Rental client to gain access to information regarding their investment from our secure internet site from any computer in the world – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their very own personal login.

    For instance of how this will benefit you, if your accountant requires last year’s financial statements, it is only at the touch of a button away. Better still, you can give your accountant the login and password code allowing them to access your information at any time.

    At Sunshine Coast Property Rentals we understand that property investors require relevant information fast and that is why we have a sophisticated web-based system which allows full visibility of all your vital financial information, monthly statements maintenance reports, all notices, photos. Virtually everything relating to your property is available online at any time. Now that’s convenience!

  • Maximum rental value on property investment

    With our superior local knowledge and over 110 years experience in the property market, we are able to perform regular and accurate rental appraisals to ensure your property is always renting for the maximum market value.

    Our marketing methods guarantee your property always attracts quality tenants with the use of first class photography and very descriptive wording. This allows all prospective tenants to see and read the benefits of why they should rent your property over another one around the corner, which is quite likely to be advertised with poor photos taken from an office person and limited wording. We know this happens as we see many properties listed for rent which have second rate photos with dishes in the kitchen sink, beds not made and backyards not mowed. As part of our written guarantee, this will never happen with a Sunshine Coast Property Rentals property advertised for rent.

    The ability for us to attract higher rental rates significantly increases the investment yield and market value of your investment property. We realise that all investors purchase their investment property to make the highest money as after all that is why you purchased the property in the first place.

    We will offer solutions allowing you to attract maximum value!

  • Reliable tradespeople who turn up on time

    What happens when a Sunshine Coast Property Rentals tradesperson is called to your investment property? They turn up on time and do the job right. We know this because we only source the best local tradespeople in business.

    Through constant feedback, monitoring and independent assessment, we have refined our list of tradespeople to a select group that we know we can trust to do the job. In addition, all our tradespeople are required to provide evidence of their professional indemnity insurance.

    We understand that by having a well maintained investment property you will always command the highest rate of return. Should your investment property require the services of a tradesperson, rest assured you can take full comfort in the knowledge that we only deal with people you can trust.

  • A Comprehensive Written Service Gaurantee

    It’s very easy for a company to claim and promote that they offer the best service, the best advice and satisfaction ‘guaranteed’. But how many companies will actually guarantee their claims in writing?

    At Sunshine Coast Property Rentals we do.

    We are that confident of our service excellence, our professionalism and of our communication level that we guarantee our service in writing to all our clients. Our service guarantee gives a complete description of the services and support that you, our property investor client, can and will receive when we are looking after your property. We do not promise results that we can’t deliver.

    The Sunshine Coast Property Rentals service guarantee means that you can sit back and take comfort in the knowledge that we will do what we say we are going to do. At Sunshine Coast Property rentals we make your satisfaction our top priority – and that’s our promise to you.

Relax & Enjoy Life. Our team have your property under control.