Property Investing & Tax Depreciation

#1 Look At Property Depreciation This Way: By Not Claiming Your Depreciation Is Like Not Charging Your Tenant Rent

Unfortunately too many property investors are losing out on thousands of dollars every year. Hopefully by investors reading this information below and contacting the team at Property Returns we have done our bit to make sure every client of Sunshine Coast Property Rentals are claiming every dollar they can to help reduce their tax!

Every Property Returns tax depreciation schedule is guaranteed to maximise your return on property.

#2 80% Of Property Investors Are Paying Too Much Tax Every Year

Four out of five property investors do not realise they need to provide their accountant with a tax depreciation schedule for each investment or rental property. Without one, you are missing out on claiming thousands of dollars of depreciation deductions each year.’

Liam Hannah – CEO (Quantity Surveyor) Property Returns

#3 OK….You Are Now Probably Interested. So What Is Property Depreciation?

Property Tax Depreciation is a piece of Australian Tax Office Legislation that was introduced in 1985 to stimulate the construction industry & provide much needed rental accommodation for Australia’s increasing population.

Claiming depreciation on your investment rental property is a perfectly legal way to reduce the tax burden of your income producing investment property in its current year, and simply defer that tax to a later date. It allows owners of an investment/rental property to keep positive cash flow by taking an expense for the normal wear and tear on that property.

Property Tax Depreciation reduces an investor’s current year’s income on the property. The depreciation which has been claimed is then added back to the cost basis of the property when it is sold. Since the majority of Australian investors are looking for a long term commitment when purchasing property, claiming for the depreciation will maximise the property’s monthly cash flows and aid in quicker loan pay off.

It makes sense to capture as much property depreciation as possible.


Property Returns is a nation wide quantity surveying firm that specialises in preparing property tax depreciation schedules for residential and commercial property. Their goal is in providing property investors with a superior service at a reasonable cost, increasing the cash flow of each investment property. Property Returns understands that every client’s circumstance is unique and their experienced team is there to personally guide you through the process of implementing this essential property investment tool.

Property Returns is committed to the most accurate and effective use of depreciation on investment property. Using a concise ordering system, combined with a comprehensive on site inspection, Property Returns are able to identify all of the legitimate tax deductions.

`It is a sorry fact that too many property investors are losing out on thousands of dollars worth of tax depreciation benefits by not claiming all of their legitimate property tax depreciation deductions. Not claiming your investment property depreciation is similar to not charging your tenant rent.’

Liam Hannah CEO Property Returns

For information about property depreciation and how you can use property to reduce tax, contact your Sunshine Coast Property Rentals staff member today

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