6 STAR Property Protection

6 STAR Property Protection That YOU Deserve

You deserve your investment property to be protected. But do you really know it is protected by your current property manager?

So how does our team protect your property differently.

A Sunshine Coast Property Rentals client has a protected property because the Sunshine Coast Property Rentals team understand that your entry condition report is the single most important report that can be completed on your behalf with protecting your investment property.

Our dedicated and highly experienced Sunshine Coast property management team have two property managers spend on average 2 hours each at your property when we complete EVERY entry condition report. And in the process our property managers will take on average 1500-1800 photos (for a standard 4 bedroom house).

Updated entry photos are taken a new tenant moves in.

You will also receive a copy of the entry photos taken and our clients think this is pretty impressive.

Your tenant will also receive a copy of ALL photos to revert to at any time during the lease. If any issues arise regarding damage etc, our team have the photographic evidence to show to the tenant, which allows us to successfully mediate in 95% if cases.

If we are required to represent you in court, we are always confident our photos will add extra evidence to present as part of our case.

Call this service your “extra property protection insurance”.

There is no other property management company on the Sunshine Coast that completes this level of service for property investors.

When the tenant vacates your rental property, out team have the evidence to prove the condition when the tenant first took possession. This evidence allows us to make sure the tenant ALWAYS leaves our clients property in the same condition, otherwise the tenants risk losing part or all of the bond monies being held at the RTA.

You will be extremely relieved and worry free, when you receive the most superior property protection on offer.

To see if your property is protected, please compare your entry condition report and amount of photos you were provided, with the above amount of photos you would receive if you were our client and ask yourself ‘am I really protected should something go wrong or damage is caused’.

From what our current clients who have made the transfer to Sunshine Coast Property Rentals have informed us, chances are you won’t be.


Contact Malcolm Coote today on 07 5493 7069 or email bdm@sunshinecoastpropertyrentals.com to find out why you should have Sunshine Coast Property Rentals offering you the absolute premium protection from any future trouble tenant.

Clients have informed of unfortunate horror stories from previous property management companies who have only taken 50,100,150 photos and therefor did not have the evidence to prove tenant damage.

Can you really trust a company who focuses on selling property to manage your investment property – we don’t believe so.

Now you can protect your investment property by having the most experienced property managers (over 125 years experience) who focus 100% on managing your property.

All you have to do is call the Sunshine Coast Property Rentals team today on 07 5493 7069 to find out how easy it is to have your investment looked after by professionals.

If you already have a property manager and want to TRANSFER to Sunshine Coast Property Rentals, that is excellent news to hear.

Call our team today on 07 5493 7069 and let us take care of the entire transfer process for you. We make the process for you – simple and easy.

When you are a Sunshine Coast Property Rentals clients, you can relax and let our team take the stress away from owning your investment property.

Relax & Enjoy Life. Our team have your property under control.